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Ella Global Community / What we do

ELLA Global Community works to create greater visibility of lesbian, bisexual and trans women, to enable them to identify and promote their specific needs and provide a platform through which they can feel empowered, strengthen their community, and raise awareness about their identity and challenges faced as a result of discrimination and inequality.

ELLA Global Community strives  to promote visibility and empowerment by providing positive references  of successful lesbian women to our community. To this end we host the ELLA Talks, an event that offers a series of live presentations featuring leaders, experts and entrepreneurs from a wide range of sectors including academia, civil society, politics and the private sector.

ELLA Global Community brings lesbian women together to strengthen their community and provide a safe and fun space for them to connect, find support, and discuss their key challenges, needs and demands. 


The ELLA Festival is a celebration of the lesbian community, promoting its visibility and empowerment through the arts, music, debates and interactive workshops. Next year, the ELLA Festival will be expanding its horizons to Central America.

ELLA Global Community is present in Costa Rica to generate momentum and give support to local initiatives that work to promote visibility and empowerment of lesbian, bisexual and trans women, providing them with a safe meeting space, and raising awareness about their challenges and aspirations to advocate for non-discrimination and inclusion in Costa Rican society.