We work on more than 20 international projects

ELLA Global Community has projects and activities in Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Nigeria, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

ELLA Festival

ELLA Festival is the great celebration of queer womxn!

The festival promotes visibility and empowerment through arts, culture, music, talks, and interactive workshops. We celebrate annual editions in Spain (Mallorca), special editions in Switzerland and Germany, and first editions in Costa Rica and Mexico in 2020.

ELLA Talks

ELLA Talks was created to share the knowledge and experiences of influential queer womxn with others in the community.

ELLA Talks aims to inspire the community through a series of live presentations with leaders, experts, activists and entrepreneurs. These queer womxn come from various public sectors including academia, civil societies, politics and the private sector.

Be part of the change!

Thanks to your support, ELLA Global Community is able to finance more than 20 projects directed by fantastic queer womxn around the globe!

ELLA Families

ELLA Families offers support to queer families and single parents who are womxn.

Our community supports queer families through the creation of events, workshops and conferences which are adapted to the needs and concerns of inclusive families. 




ELLA Pro is an international network of professional queer womxn.

The objective is to connect with and inspire one another and create synergies by hosting events, workshops and conferences that are adapted to the needs and concerns of professional queer womxn. ELLA Pro looks to generate spaces where projects can be jointly collaborated, empower other professional queer womxn and offer encouragement by sharing success stories. 



ELLES Trans is a project created to promote the human rights, gender equality, diversity and social inclusion of trans* people.

ELLA Global Community is committed to promoting the visibility and empowerment of trans* people through the power of community and innovation. 

Three yellow open umbrellas at the beach with the ELLA Festival logo


ELLA Global Community brings queer womxn together in fun and safe spaces in order to strengthen the community by connecting, finding support and discussing challenges, needs and demands of the community itself.

Gloria Rubio at the entrepreneurs forum - ELLA Mexico


Our global community constantly conducts research using academic, social media and other outlets in order to monitor the current state of the human rights of queer womxn – inclusive of trans* people –  around the world. 

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