We are an international organization dedicated to improve the lives of queer womxn from all backgrounds around the globe.

EGC works to provide a platform through which queer womxn can feel inspired to strengthen their community and raise awareness about their identity and challenges faced as a result of discrimination and inequality.

In 2005, EGC was founded in Spain by Kristin Hansen, to create greater visibility of all queer womxn of all backgrounds in order to enable them to identify and promote their specific needs. 

Our organization is committed to respecting and promoting human rights, gender equality, diversity and inclusion. 

A community for queer womxn of all backgrounds
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An identity label that is non-specific towards a person’s sexual orientation; this could be lesbian, bisexual, asexual, sapiosexual, polysexual and so on. 

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Cis women, trans women, femmes, nonbinary people, individuals embracing femininity and those affected by misogyny.

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Race, generation, class, ability, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, faith and so on.

ELLA Global Community aims to be the largest community and network of queer womxn in the world.

We connect queer womxn of different backgrounds with similar mentalities in spaces that are both digital and face to face.


Our organization is dedicated to championing visibility and empowerment of queer womxn through the power of community and innovation.


Our vision is a world where queer womxn feel empowered to drive change and obtain full equality and acceptance in societies where discrimination against them still prevails.

Our values


We believe that amongst womxn, we have to stand in solidarity with one another; listen to, cooperate and inspire each other, regardless of our sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, race, class, faith, ability and so on.


We believe that everyone should be free to be true to themselves and have the right to assert their own sexual orientation, gender identity and expression.


Social attitudes and beliefs can only be changed by involving and educating all communities. Inclusivity, equality and acceptance of queer women, trans women, femmes, nonbinary people and individuals embracing femininity cannot be achieved by only preaching to the choir. 


We believe that queer womxn of all  backgrounds should be welcomed, valued and respected. We know that in order to create an inclusive and safe space, we must also acknowledge, understand and embrace the intersections between these demographics. 


No change has ever been achieved without the actions of a courageous few. As a minority often discriminated against for not being heterosexual, it takes tremendous courage to assert your sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, and take a stand on behalf of the LGBTTQIA community.

We want to know you!

If you are aligned with our values, contact us to find out how we can collaborate.

Be part of the change!

Thanks to your support, ELLA Global Community is able to finance more than 20 projects directed by fantastic queer womxn around the globe!

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