We believe all queer womxn deserve to feel free, respected, and able to assert their identity without fear

We promote visibility and empowerment of queer womxn through the power of community and innovation.

How do we do it?
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Creating a global community

We are an international organization dedicated to inspiring and improving the lives of queer womxn around the globe

Four diverse womxn - Daniela Sea, Kristin Hansen, Monica Benicio, Yamila Di Santo

Committed to respect and equality

Our organization is committed to respecting and promoting human rights, gender equality, diversity and inclusion.

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Building an equitable future

We promote visibility and empowerment of queer womxn through the power of community and innovation.

A Global Community

The strategy of every country, working with local civil societies as well as institutions and organizations, is to promote three key elements: Visibility, social change and the empowerment of queer womxn.


Still consider same-sex relationships as a crime

While in some parts of the world the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people are gaining recognition, in other parts of the world people are increasingly persecuted for their sexual orientation and gender identity.

We believe that persecution based on sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, and sex characteristics must end

Global Projects

Our objective is to promote and support the initiatives of each country that work to promote the cause of queer womxn. Hand in hand with civil societies, local and international institutions and organizations, each country’s strategy focuses on promoting three key elements: VISIBILITY, COMMUNITY ACTION, AND EMPOWERMENT.

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ELLA PRO is an international network of professional queer womxn. The objective is to connect with and inspire one another to create business synergies.

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ELLA Talks

ELLA TALKS aims to inspire discussion within the community through a series of live presentations with leaders, experts, activists and entrepreneurs.

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ELLES Trans is a project created to promote the human rights, gender equality, diversity and social inclusion of trans* people.

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ELLA Families

ELLA Families offers support to queer families through the creation of events, workshops and conferences which are adapted to the needs and concerns of queer womxn families. 

Be part of the change!

Thanks to your support, ELLA Global Community is able to finance more than 20 projects directed by fantastic queer womxn around the globe!

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