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ELLA Global Community has an online and offline community of lesbian, bisexual and trans women in several locations including Spain, Germany and Sweden, as well as Costa Rica. Managed by a network of Community managers, we host monthly meetings and workshops in collaboration with local initiatives on topics of interest to lesbian, bisexual and trans  women, ranging from health to activism and culture.

We bring lesbian women together to strengthen their community and provide a safe space for them to connect, find support, and discuss their key challenges, needs and demands.

First ELLA Community meeting in Costa Rica

ELLA Global Community organised the first meeting of the year in Costa Rica on April 5th at the Café de Deseos, in the capital San José. Founder and CEO Kristin Hansen was present, as well as the ELLA Costa Rica team members. 

Artists, politicians, public officials, human rights activists and leaders of the country’s lesbian and bisexual community took part in the event. In total, about 30 women attended. The meeting provided a great opportunity to share ideas on how to attract and incorporate more women into the movement, understand their different realities and improve the communication process between ELLA and local organisations.