Our mission, vision and values

Ella Global Community / Our mission, vision and values

01Mission and vision

Vision – Our vision is a world where lesbian, bisexual and trans women feel empowered to drive change and obtain full equality and acceptance in societies where discrimination against these women still prevails.

Mission – Our organisation is dedicated to championing visibility and empowerment of lesbian, bisexual and trans women through the power of community and innovation.

02Our values

Authenticity – We believe that everyone should be free to be true to themselves and have the right to assert their own sexual orientation and gender identity.

Sisterhood – We believe that amongst women, we have to stand in solidarity with and empower each other, regardless of our sexual and/or gender identity.

Courage – No change has ever been achieved without the actions of a courageous few. As a minority who are often being discriminated against, or in many cases being penalised for not being heterosexual, it takes tremendous courage to assert your sexual orientation and gender identity, and take a stand on behalf of the LGBTI Community.

Inclusivity – Social attitudes and beliefs can only be changed by involving and educating all communities. Equality and acceptance of lesbian, bisexual and trans women cannot be achieved by only preaching to the choir.


ELLA Global Community is a non-profit organisation that was created by Kristin Hansen, a German entrepreneur based in Spain, to develop activities with social impact, build community, and promote visibility and empowerment for lesbian, bisexual and trans women in Europe and the world.

ELLA Global Community was founded in 2018 from the desire and need to provide the opportunity for lesbian, bisexual and trans women to connect in a safe space where they can be themselves, and feel empowered to advocate for their rights and lead successful lives.

Our organisation is committed to the respect and promotion of human rights, gender equality, diversity and inclusion; always hand in hand with sisterhood and social justice.

Together we can make a difference.